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Aaron Wall (Author Of SEObook)


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Aaron Wall is a blogger and the author of the well-known SEO Book. He also provides SEO tools, publishes numerous websites, works with clients, provides SEO training, and enjoys learning about search and marketing.

“The success of a page should be measured by one criterion: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?”

“For as saturated as the SEO market is, most people either focus on knowing academically or doing something that is currently working, but very few push hard at both.”

“Some people advise against doing what is effective and promote social media as the primary answer to all SEO problems. Social is an amplification layer for existing signals. It is very hard for social to work if the core message it is amplifying doesn’t make any sense. Any number multiplied by zero is zero.”

“Treat Google the same way they treat you. If they start with contempt and suspicion, so should you.”

“Search using something other than Google as your primary search engine. Starve the beast of data”

“If you plan on being largely an SEO play, you still have to have some sorts of ideas that differentiate you outside of SEO to keep people talking about you, that gives you a sustained competitive advantage.”

“The big thing to really look out for is arbitrary hand edits. If your site does not look good it might get edited out of the search results even if you offer the highest quality information in your space.”

“Buying old sites based on their link equity is amazingly profitable. The key is to not be too drastic or spammy with the changes you make such that you can get many years of cashflow out of such a site.”

“Man is inherently lazy. Editorial links in many markets require building a brand and social interaction. That can be a slow and low ROI path that looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, especially if you are new to the social aspects of the web and do not have any experience with blogs and the like.”

“It does not matter that some people do not like the field of SEO. If done well it is both highly profitable and highly effective. If you pick the right products and clients it is one of the rare opportunities where you can help ensure that everyone wins.”

“From a client perspective, I think if you sell SEO services it might be helpful to bundle them with PPC services. People looking for a consultant on PPC are looking for cost savings where they are already spending money. Whereas many people looking for SEO are looking for free traffic.”

“Links that come as endorsements from trusted members of your community help with rankings, pay directly through sales and referrals and are hard for competitors to replicate. They pay 3 different ways and lead to additional links, plus they are beyond the reach of most competitors.”

“Don’t believe that just by following anyone’s guidelines or doing exactly what other sites are doing that you are going to rank well. You really need to leverage your own knowledge and personality to create a brand that others can evangelize and spread.”

“Communication technologies will keep evolving and information will be available readily in whatever format you like, but with well-blended ads. It will become nearly impossible to see the difference between ads and content.”

“Know your market better than most competitors by tracking it. Participate in the social aspects in your field like blogging and conferences such that when you have something important to share your message spreads far and wide.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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