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Adam Heitzman (Co-Founder And Managing Partner At HigherVisibility)

managing partner at HigherVisibility

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Adam Heitzman is a co-founder and managing partner at HigherVisibility, a nationally recognized SEO firm. Having been a marketing executive in the financial services industry, Heitzman now uses his 15-plus years of marketing experience to provide outstanding online marketing services that deliver real results to clients across the country.

“Data visualization is a vital contribution to the success of any business practice.”

“Massive flows of site traffic are great, but if you don’t know what your visitors want or how they want to be engaged with your content, then even all the traffic in the world won’t help you get very far.”

“SEO and content marketing have a symbiotic relationship, where the better each area is, the better results you’ll naturally see from the other.”

“Conversion rate is probably one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) to your clients, so tuck this near the front of your report for easy access.”

“Simply putting news content out into the world doesn’t guarantee it will rank in Google or attract traffic to your site.”

“A successful SEO marketing strategy typically results in more search traffic and better rankings, and those things are what lead to more money in sales.”

“The internet is now a key component in modern-day life and that has been equally translated throughout the workplace.”

“People aren’t just searching for products on Google and other sites. Many of them go on to buy them directly on the website they reach.”

“Less than 10% of internet searches happen on other search engines than Google. For all intents and purposes, that’s a monopoly on search.”

“SEO isn’t just a tool for driving traffic to your website. It’s also uniquely effective at driving website conversions.”

“SEO gives you a chance to reach potential customers in the very last stage of the buying cycle. They’ve already decided what product they want. All they need is someone to sell it to them.”

“SEO can help you drive organic traffic, which is often more targeted and will naturally convert at higher rates than traffic from other channels.”

7 Figure SEO

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