7 Figure SEO

AJ Ghergich (CTO And President Of Brado Digitial Intelligence)


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For the past 15 years, AJ has been a leader in the SEO and Digital Marketing community. He is currently the CTO of Brado and is the president of the Digital Intelligence team. He has experience in running his own consulting agency and an e-commerce enterprise.

“Everyone is on the content marketing bandwagon. How many companies, though, are producing positive results from their efforts? Unfortunately, very few. The main issue is not a lack of effort, but rather a lack of understanding of the fundamentals behind content marketing.”

“Many content marketing campaigns are doomed from the start simply because they are measured by the wrong outcomes. One of the most common misconceptions goes something like this: “We’ll create an infographic, people will love it, and sales will go up like magic!”

“If you want to be truly successful, your content marketing needs to be the start of a long relationship with your consumer.”

“Your goal is to make a few amazing pieces of content—not 100 “acceptable” ones—per month. Consumers are already drowning in a sea of content and anything less than amazing just doesn’t cut it anymore.”

“Visual assets, or graphics, are the key to editorial success. And, I’m sorry to say it, but stock images are not visual assets.”

“From an SEO perspective, the external links you gain from high-quality editorial placements increase your site’s domain authority.”

“Content marketing often has a huge impact on sales because it has a huge impact on your site’s SEO.”

“If you’re seeing something like ‘SEO agency’, or ‘SEO consultant’ and there are tons of links in here, you could be at risk for a Penguin penalty because you’re using too many keyword-rich, non-natural links to your site.”

“Backup your stuff, right? Back your site up before you go and start — even though it’s just mostly installing plugins and things like that. Back it up. Be safe and that way there are no issues if something you install causes a bug.”

“Stop blasting your social ads to groups with a million people to them. Try running custom Twitter ads to the exact 500 people who influence your space. Your cost with plummet and your results will increase.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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