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Alex McArthur (Creator And Grower Of Brands)


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Alex currently runs his own small Utah SEO firm: MidScape which leads online efforts for a top health and wellness brand. He previously worked as CMO at Purple, VP of R&D at SEO.com, VP of Search at OrangeSoda and VP of Marketing for Tech Media Network, which includes Space.com and one of the biggest review sites online: TopTenReviews.com.”

“As long as humans have questions an evolution of search engine optimization will live. So it’s not going away. Formats and tactics will shift and adjust, its name may change as well, but the more digital our world becomes the more valuable the skill of SEO becomes.”

“Far too many SMB websites ramble about whatever the owner is interested in. Your website can provide all kinds of great content and features, but if it doesn’t easily tell them what you’re selling and how to buy it then it isn’t serving its purpose.”

“Add fresh content frequently. This is key to your positioning.”

“If you can create compelling content and share it through social media, local/community websites, etc you can build a very powerful, cost-effective marketing channel.”

“SMB online marketing has become much more affordable in the last few years. Because content marketing is so important, it is becoming increasingly important to possess a level of subject matter expertise to get the results to sustain a business.”

“I’ve improved my search engine results and now I can call it a day. Wrong. If you are committed to remaining at the top it is a never-ending process.”

“Internet marketing practices must be ever present in your plans for a successful online presence. This means monies should be allocated to your business’s budget and resources/employees assigned to the task.”

“Don’t give up. Your results will improve with your continued effort.”

“Your business ethics will reflect upon your continued success and scars are very difficult to remove. Also, the threat of being banned from search engines altogether is real. Just stay away from link farms, spamming, etc.”

“Take a look at the source code of your competitors. Do they have specific keywords spread more prevalently through their content? How many linkbacks do they have compared to your site? This research is extremely valuable as they are doing something more effective than you.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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