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Andrew Shotland (Founder Of LocalSEOGuide.com)


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Andrew is CEO of LocalSEOGuide.com a leading SEO consultancy with a specialty in Multi-Location, Local Marketplaces, & B2B SaaS SEO for 15 years. He is also a co-founder and board member of BayAreaSearch.org, the association of Bay Area search marketing professionals.

“SEO, for all its frustrations as a reliable marketing channel, is one of the few that keeps paying off over the long term, like compounding interest.”

“SEO is always the lowest priority until it’s not.”

“You can rant all you want about how it feels icky,  but your feelings probably aren’t a ranking factor.”

“SEO is not exactly ghandi-type work. So you better enjoy it.”

“It’s not very hard to get money out of clients who understand the value of SEO, or at least those who understand that they need to understand the value. If they don’t get it, then they are probably not worth pursuing.”

“One of the biggest opportunities for local businesses is to understand how to optimize not just for Google, yahoo & Bing, but also for the big IYP’s the traffic that comes from these sites is uber-qualified and most of the time businesses that are advertising on these sites usually just set it and forget it.”

“Adwords is really the best way to test if there is traffic for a locally modified keyword, but of course most SMB’s would rather not spend the $ to figure that out.”

“Google, Bing & Yahoo typically show separate local business listings for queries they deem to have significant local intent. The methodologies to compete for rankings in these “local packs” are somewhat different than those you would apply to non-local SEO.”

“Multi-location brands have some of the biggest problems with Local SEO, but some of the biggest opportunities, too. On the side of the problem, dealing with the data issues involving tens, hundreds and even thousands of locations can be a huge task.”

“The only way things get better is to take action.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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