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Andy Beal (Online Reputation Management Expert)


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Andy Beal is the CEO of online reputation management firm Reputation Refinery and Trackur.com a social media monitoring tool. An expert in online reputation, Andy Beal is the author of Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation and coauthor of Radically Transparent, Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online.

“SEO is going to evolve, becoming a mixture of optimization, viral marketing, buzz generation and public relations.”

“Using unethical/blackhat online reputation management tactics is like an athlete taking steroids. Yes, you may see some improvements, but you will eventually be found out and suffer the consequences–just ask Lance Armstrong!”

“Reputation management—online or offline—is more than triage and clean-up. When you hire either a reputation management firm or employ a reputation manager (Chief, Director, or Manager, the title doesn’t matter), you are investing in much more than just reputation repair. You are investing in bringing harmony between the character of your company and the various departments that contribute to your brand’s reputation.”

“Your reputation is a reflection of your character. So if you’re trying to get positive things to show up in Google, those positive things need to be legitimate, be real — they need to be an extension of the great things that you’re doing.”

“In a legitimate reputation clean-up campaign, you focus on rehabilitating a reputation, not just whitewashing the internet with fake, positive content.”
“The more helpful posts, images, and videos you share, the larger you will grow your audience. The larger your audience, the more business you’ll see from the 1 in 5 posts that are self-promotional.”
“When unhappy customers feel they have not received the attention or achieved a satisfactory resolution, they head to their favourite online destination to vent and warn others. They want your attention, but they also want restitution.”

“Provide your customers with a means to share their complaints directly with you. Their complaints may not tickle your ears, but they will sound a lot louder if amplified by social media, Google, and word of mouth!”

“The best way to avoid the appearance of greed over good is to make sure your cause fits your brand. “

“The biggest reasons to take a public stand? Because when you don’t speak out people will assume you either don’t care or don’t agree. Either way, it’s a deep ding to your reputation.”

“People want to do business with human beings, not corporate entities. When your CEO hands out bottles of water to disaster victims, that’s human. When your restaurant gives free food to the local homeless shelter, that’s human.”

7 Figure SEO

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