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Andy Drinkwater (Technical SEO Consultant)


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Andy Drinkwater is a UK-based SEO consultant who has been doing SEO for more than 18 years. Andy has helped a lot of companies with their online marketing and growth efforts. Deeply involved in the SEO sphere, Andy loves to share his results and findings.

“The number one reason you should create keyword-specific pages on your website is that search engines award higher rankings to websites that offer a relevant, user-friendly experience to visitors.”

“Backlinks are the same as “votes” for your website in Google’s eyes.”

“Relevant content is more user-friendly, which leads to a better user experience and higher rankings.”

“Building links is one of the essential SEO activities, but many people approach it with blinkers on and focus only on quantity.”

“Search Engines favor websites that already have links from other trusted websites because it means your website is viewed as valuable content.”

“Backlinks are the path to higher search engine rankings. But if you build links the wrong way, they can also be your downfall.”

“Google wants to determine the trustworthiness of your content. This is done by looking at certain features and metrics. One of these metrics is the number of incoming links pointing to your website. The more incoming links, the better it is for your content’s reputation.”

“Content is the cornerstone of any website and can either work for you or against you. “

“Google is still looking for sites that tick as many of their boxes as possible. If you miss out on any of these, or gloss over something and only do an ‘OK’ job, then you are leaving yourself wide open for someone else to pick up the search places.”

“Tests have shown that there is a correlation between search behavior and search positions, so it is best not to keep performing Google searches.”

“Mistakes will happen from time to time – we’re human and we all accept this. But the worst thing is to just ignore an unhappy customer.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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