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Anna Lebedeva (Head Of Growth Marketing At SEMrush)


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Anna Lebedeva is the Head of Growth Marketing at SEMrush. Her areas of interest are SEO strategies, brand awareness, start-up investment, public relations, and influencers trends. As an author, Anna has been featured in The Next Web, and contributed to Search Engine Journal, Foundr, Business 2 Community, PR Daily, Spin Sucks, and more.

“Think of technical SEO as your website’s skeleton. Anything that grows on its bones will be affected by the way they are shaped.”

“SEO is an ever-changing concept. “

“People don’t need content for the sake of content, or for keywords, or for backlinks, they need it for answers – any search query is basically a question, even without the question words, so your actual job is to answer that question.”

“Content is king, we’ve all heard it. Yet, content used to be important because it was the way to place the right keywords, to get backlinks and so on. Yet, now when Google is all about search intent and bringing the most relevant pages in front of the user, content becomes increasingly crucial to gaining traffic.”

“Where does traffic come from? From users finding your content in less time than your competitor’s content. And that’s when you have to optimize for #1 or zero position. And you only get there if your content meets user’s intent. That’s how it works.”

“The best SEO tip is a basic c”ontent optimization to answer the questions your users have, and for that, you really need to understand your audience and anticipate any questions they need answers for. It’s like a good old focus group technique used in traditional marketing – before creating the end product, huge companies invest in buyer perspectives and the needs they need to be covered.”

“Marketing is the tool to drive business and promote growth. Companies invest an important part of their gross revenue, between 5% and 20%, on marketing initiatives throughout different channels.”

“To achieve the greatest return on investment, you must invest wisely by focusing marketing activities for your ideal customers via the right channels.”

“On-page SEO is all about optimizing content and the HTML code of particular pages to improve their rankings; and a well-optimized page will naturally have a better off-page performance.”

“Content is pretty much everything! And it is not only true about the actual quality of your content, but also about its technical aspects.”

“The meta description is a display window to your website – it’s what makes people click. So if you want a higher click-through rate (CTR) for your webpages, pay attention to it!”

“The price of a mistake in any of the technical SEO components can be incredibly high. An Amazon study revealed that 100 milliseconds of extra load time can cause a 1 per cent drop in sales.”

“Page speed is one of the most significant Google ranking factors, influencing user experience and, therefore, affecting metrics like bounce rate.”

‘The Internet never stops evolving, meaning many technical aspects become obsolete. Hence, your job is to simply try to keep up with all the changes.”

“Being aware of the most common technical SEO mistakes will guide you in the right direction if you aren’t certain of where to start. Make sure that you prioritize your most important pages and understand the severity level of each error.”

“Although the idea of semantic search has been around for quite a while, not many businesses focus on finding semantically related keywords. And yet, semantic keywords offer a compelling opportunity for reaching a wider audience and expanding the search visibility.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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