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Annie Cushing (SEO And Analytics Consultant)


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Annie Cushing is an SEO and analytics consultant. Her areas of expertise are analytics, technical SEO, and everything to do with data – collection, analysis, and beautification. She’s on a mission to rid the world of ugly data, one spreadsheet at a time.

“Advanced filters are a true godsend with large datasets.”

“Not gonna lie. Google Analytics dashboards haven’t kept pace with the accelerated pace of innovation compared to the rest of the tool.”

“Seriously. Tables suck. They’re very difficult to see trends. Your eyes have nowhere to rest as everything just feels like it’s screaming at you.”

“If you only imagine a map of the world, like you see in the Locations report (Audience > Geo > Location), you’re missing out.”

“Social traffic is characteristically fickle and a bit ADHD. For most sites, these visitors aren’t really interested in doing anything you want them to do (unless maybe you publish listicles and memes). They come in like a wrecking ball (sorry) and slingshot back to Facebook, Reddit, Google Plus (if they work for Google ?), or wherever.”

“One of the biggest mistakes sites make is send visitors away to do the most important thing(s) you want them to do. “

“The thrust of analytics isn’t data; it’s improvement. Improvement just starts with data because you can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

“There is only one thing that will satisfy the gatekeeper in lieu of matching hostnames. It’s a single parameter that gets attached to the destination URL and carries all the cookie data with it.”

“One of Google Analytics’ greatest charms is its ability to be highly customized.”

“Histogram charts are great tools for marketers, but unfortunately Excel doesn’t make the process of creating them terribly intuitive.”

“Developer documentation for any tool is usually a painful mire of geekery and difficult to digest.”

“One of the basic tenets of SEO is the handling of non-canonical URLs.”

“Please do yourself a favor and arm yourself with something to keep you safe, like pepper spray. It just may save your life. It did mine.”

“It’s much better to rehearse what you would do in the event of an emergency while your thoughts are calm than to freeze like I did in a dark parking lot at 1am.”

“If you don’t have decimals, you should ditch the decimals because they just add noise. But that’s what the next icons are for.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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