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Astrid Kramer (Corporate SEO And UX Consultant)


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Astrid Kramer is a corporate SEO and UX consultant for more than 13 years now. She advises big corporations & international ad agencies in strategic online marketing, focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) and User Experience. Until April 2017, she was a partner and founding member at the consulting firm jacobi&jacobi.

“SEO means that we optimize communication between the company and the customer, between the website and the user, between the website and the user agent, and between the server and the user agent.”

“The smarter search engines get, the less SEO is seen as a secret science, but as what it is: optimized communication. Our job is to implement this thinking into the company’s DNA.”

“We need to stop mystifying SEO and do away with things like technical tricks, clever tweaks for outwitting search engines, and specifications for keyword density and text length.”

“SEO is a complex, interdisciplinary field that has ramifications on just about everything — even print ads and TV commercials — but it’s often not viewed that way,”

“Traffic that doesn’t convert and that doesn’t lead to customers or readers is just server load.”

“There’s this mentality that SEO is just something you can add on top of existing processes, and mostly from the outside, meaning companies think they can just keep doing their thing and then hire an external consultant to fix it all up for SEO. In reality, it can’t be a separate process.”

“In large companies, there are countless stakeholders who usually have one thing in common: an ego. Their goal is to be in the best possible position to achieve optimum results for themselves or their department.” 

“Every landing page must be optimized with regard to the user and his search intention.”

“Good SEO work always consists of not only being happy about good rankings but also visiting the pages and asking yourself: “Do I even find what I’m looking for here? Does the site make me happy?””

“We care about what metrics go into the algorithm and thus influence our rankings. But we should consider the optimization of the product “website” independently and want the best for our visitors.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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