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Bartosz Goralewicz (CEO Of Onely)


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Bartosz Goralewicz is the CEO of Onely. Onely works with Fortune 100 companies and other major international brands while continuing to push the envelope in Technical SEO. While Google’s impact on SEO is incalculable, Onely is proud to be one of the few to have directly impacted Google.

“Technical SEO is now about an in-depth understanding of the critical rendering path, of how the web browser is working for the core web vitals, and how web rendering service on Google’s side is working for the SEO reasons.”

“The focus is slowly shifting from, “I wrote the most on the topic,” to, “I wrote it in a way that’s the most digestible.””

“SEO is now different per vertical, per way of working. In some verticals the success rate is for 90%  about links.”

“With JavaScript’s seemingly infinite possibilities, ordinary websites based only on HTML and CSS are becoming a thing of the past.”

“Googlebot does not click on buttons, does not expand “read more”, does not enter tabs, does not fill any forms… it only reads and follows.”

“The last thing you can resort to in order to verify how Googlebot crawls your website is the server logs analysis. By taking a hard look at the server logs, you can check if specific URLs were visited by Googlebot and which sections were or were not crawled by Googlebot.”

“JavaScript isn’t inherently bad for SEO. JavaScript is awesome, but just like SEO, it requires experience and close attention to best practices.”

“Enterprise SEO is about adjusting your team’s workflow to the challenge at hand while also having a deep understanding of the processes and goals of the enterprise you are working with.”

“If your SEO partners don’t ask you about your business goals before you start working together… run.”

“Search engines can’t afford the cost of processing everything we throw at them.”

“Indexing your content is not a given anymore – you need to earn your place in Google’s index. And it seems to be getting harder over time.”

“Rendering is essential for Google and other search engines to see and understand our website’s content and layout. Without rendering, your content doesn’t exist online.”

“With billions of websites flooding the web while shipping code that is increasingly expensive to parse and render, search engines will have to pick content that is worthy of its price in the resources spent on indexing it.” 

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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