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Slawski was best known for writing about Google patents. He has helped countless SEOs better understand how search works. In 2014-2021, he spoke at industry-leading international conferences about topics including search engine algorithms, universal and blended search, personalization in search, search and social, duplicate content problems, structured data, and schema.

“One way to think of schema is as a way of describing and organizing information about entities in a machine-readable way.”

“I have never bought a backlink because people will link for free if you give them something worth linking to.”

“A knowledge graph has become at least as important as a link graph to SEO.”

“Your audiences are the most important part of your SEO campaigns; learn about them, and their interests, and pay attention to them.”

“The Web is filled with information, and it is also filled with misinformation. The most harmful myth is one that you fall for, and that causes harm to a site because it results in lost opportunities.”

“If a webmaster is going to rely upon someone else to help with rankings and making changes to their site, the people they work with should develop expertise, which can be from a combination of experience and education.”

“There can be a good amount of value in having effective calls to action on pages that persuade people to click through to another page on a site from one they first find through search. If that CTA leads to a conversion, then there is a lot of value to improving the bounce rate on that page.”

“If a page provides a positive experience and fulfils a searcher’s informational or situational needs, then it could lead to return visits, and possibly referrals, links, and shares.”

“One thing that is very interesting from an SEO perspective is the use of Schema vocabulary on Webpages leading to rich snippets in search results, knowledge panels, and direct answers.”

“Many businesses develop data that others may be interested in finding out, and sharing that data can attract attention and links and social media shares.”

“Search engines can monitor changes that happen at websites over time, especially when those changes involve the creation of new links pointed at new pages.”

“You make your own opportunities by defining what you want to be known for.”

“Schema isn’t the only machine readable feature that people have been adding to sites; another common addition is XML sitemaps. It’s an alternative way to share information about your pages to search engines and check website SEO.”

“FAQPage Schema is interesting because it enables you to provide answers to questions that you want to share with people who are interested in your site.”

“Given the popularity of the Web, and how much services like the yellow pages are declining in usage, having a presence online can increase visits to a business.”

“There are many reasons why people might feel comfortable working remotely, and if you don’t enable them to work with you remotely, you may lose the opportunity to work with them at all.”

“Contextual words don’t literally have to be proximate to each other. It just needs to be somewhere on the page.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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