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Brent Csutoras (Owner And Managing Partner At Search Engine Journal)


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Digital Marketing Consultant at Brent Csutoras, LLC and Managing Partner at Search Engine Journal, one of the top Digital Marketing publications online. Speaker at many of the top marketing conferences, such as Pubcon, Affiliate Summit, SMX, SMX Advanced, State of Search, SES, Ungagged, SEOktoberfest, and more.

“If you want to drive traffic through SEO efforts, you have to create something worth visiting, linking to, and ultimately sharing.”

“Focus your efforts on identifying topics in your industry that people are making a concerted effort to find. Look at support forums, review keyword tools and check the suggested search phrases in Google, to identify topics people are actively seeking out and then create really amazing content on those topics.”

“Social media platforms provide us with a variety of ways to interact with each other, share information, and connect with brands. And because of this, it’s become essential for businesses to prioritize their social media strategy.”

“Get creative for your brand. This way, you hit the key points to make a post-trend. Post photos or videos that speak to your audience and watch those likes and comments rise.”

“Stock photos don’t perform as well as authentic images. And as a result, they’re bad for SEO.”

“Think social media and email are competing for marketing channels? Think again. Social media and email work hand-in-hand. Adding social media buttons to your email newsletters is a great way to use them together.”

“Hashtags can be tricky to get right. But when marketers use them wisely, hashtags can put your content in front of a much wider audience.”

“One way to connect with your audience is to show how you care about the same things they do. The secret is to respond quickly to current events your audience cares about.”

“With creativity and effort, you can create engaging content that will drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.”

“Chatbots help transform the frustrating experience of not finding the information you need into a positive interaction with a brand.”

“Google, and other search engines, do not want all your content. In fact, they probably want about 5% to 10% of what we are giving them. If you were to check your analytics, you would likely see that less than 10% of your content or products are responsible for about 100% of your traffic, sales, and conversions.”

“SEO moves fast, and since a Google algorithm update can make traffic grow or nose dive, an SEO beginner should be ready to go with the flow and be eager to learn and test.”

“Virtually Reality will bring us into a new place for social media, but ultimately it is Augmented Reality that will establish the new standard for not only social media but also social interaction as a whole.”

“My main strategy in engaging with my social media followers is only updating things that I believe are worthy of an engagement or genuinely helpful. Even if it means going days without an update, I really try to focus on quality over quantity, and I think that is what the various social media platforms are rewarding the most.”

“Visual social media platforms are really blowing up, especially Snapchat and Instagram. Ultimately, the concept of writing out a lot of text to explain emotions, actions, and stories, is something that the younger generations do not need as much as we did. They have the technology and capability to easily share videos and images, that convey what they want without the traditional methods. This is where you will see a lot of momentum.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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