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Brett Tabke (Founder And CEO Of Pubcon)


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Brett Tabke is the Founder and CEO of Pubcon, the longest-running educational conference series in our industry, covering all things search, social, and digital marketing. He also owns Webmaster World, an online forum, where you’ll find web professionals discussing the latest industry news and developments.

“Knowing what is going on in Tech and with the Search Engines is not a option – it is a requirement.”

“We just need to adjust our thinking. People know how to find what they want on the web. The great days of random web exploration are over. The grand days of social interaction are here.”

“Search is a proactive, brain-fully-engaged activity. Social is much more of a click and ‘let it come to me’ experience.”

“As long as people focus on their own sites, and work to promote them, there are no hats – only marketing. What you do in the privacy of your own site, is your business. As long as no laws are broken, there are no hats.”

“Social media will continue to grab more and more of the traffic pie.”

“Search is about products, research, and finding the right bits of information. Social is about chilling with the tablet in the easy chair while watching reruns on your Netflix TV and surfing your buddies’ Facebook pictures.”

“Don’t reinvent the wheel. Spend the most amount of time looking at the software you are going to use to produce your site.”

“Google will spot duplicate content at the sentence level, but if it is not in relation to the rest of the article, you will be ok.”

“Just arrange your content on a bullet point outline levels and transpose that into a theme pyramid. Tools are not going to help you come up with the right keyword layout – only you can do that.”

“The biggest “indexing” mistake, is putting an over reliance on indexing in the first place. My rule-of-thumb, is to spend 4 fold the amount of time on “not search” traffic acquisition as on SEO.”

“There are several good books out there. I have not seen a real bad one. The key is to read everything you can.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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