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Brian Harnish (Lead SEO At iloveseo.com)


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Brian has been doing SEO since before it was called SEO, back in the days of 1998. Proficient in website design, and website development, and having tons of practical SEO knowledge and expertise, Brian’s skills run the gamut from SEO to digital marketing to website development. Brian now works as Lead SEO at iloveseo.com.

“SEO tricks and tactics are long gone, and search has evolved exponentially.”

“Purchasing technical SEO from Fiverr.com is like purchasing a Lamborghini from a dollar store: you’re likely to get a counterfeit item rather than the real thing.”

“Google has done the work of optimizing Map Pack listings for mobile searchers. But it’s up to you to create that user-friendly, convenient experience on your website – and to ensure Google understands that via good technical SEO.”

“A mobile-friendly website is critical to getting your site indexed by Google since it introduced Mobile-First indexing.”

“If you don’t get a “passed reading,” you have some work to do to make your site mobile-friendly.”

“Google won’t index your site if you’re using a coding language in a complex way. It doesn’t matter what the language is – it could be old or even updated, like JavaScript – as long as the settings are incorrect and cause crawling and indexing issues.”

“Well-written content is critical for succeeding on Google. If you have minimal content that doesn’t at least meet your competition’s levels, then you may have significant issues even breaking the top 50.”

“If you don’t have a sitemap, Google is flying blind unless all of your pages are currently indexed and receiving traffic.”

“Technical SEO is here to rescue you from the abyss. Some sites are in so deep that you may not see a way out other than deleting the site and starting over. The nuclear option is not always the best option. This is where an experienced technical SEO professional is worth their weight in gold.”

“Making sure your technical SEO is up to par is worth it as well because the better Google can crawl, index, and rank your site, the better your results will be.”

7 Figure SEO

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