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Christine Churchill (President of KeyRelevance)

President of KeyRelevance

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Christine Churchill, the President of KeyRelevance, is a recognized expert in the field of Search Engine Marketing. She is a strong advocate for ethical search engine marketing and was a member of the founding Board of Directors of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).

“One of the reasons search marketing is so effective is that it delivers information on products and services to people who are actively seeking them out. “

“The success of search marketing hinges on whether the keywords the searcher puts in the query box match the keywords the company has targeted in their online campaigns.”

“Language isn’t static. New words come into the vocabulary of people and other words drop from use. Scanning forums and blogs where people are discussing products like yours is a good way to watch for new terms.”

“Creating easy-to-remember and descriptive file names is good for the customer. If the name happens to also contain keywords, that’s an extra benefit for the engines.”

“The successful marketer today has to have a good grounding in many fields including marketing fundamentals, psychology and usability to understand motivation and visitor behaviour, plus some technical skills.”

“Almost all online marketing has its foundation in keywords. The words you buy in pay-per-click, the terms you target for organic, and the phrases you focus on in your images and videos, all depend on making good keyword choices upfront. It takes time and resources to do keyword research properly.”

“Anyone who is involved in building an online presence for a site needs to have an understanding of keywords. As long as there is a text box in which users can enter queries, keywords will have a role. “

“The clock is ticking. Enhanced campaigns will soon be the reality. If you haven’t moved to enhanced already, put a plan together so your transition is as smooth as possible.”

“Even phone-based companies will need to worry about the user experience on a desktop or suffer with higher CPAs.”

“Done properly search retargeting is an effective tool for the online marketer. It works well to keep your brand top of mind and gives you a second chance to re-engage the visitor who got away. If you’re not retargeting consider starting with Google’s remarketing and then expanding out to other channels.”

“Being able to wear many hats and being skilled in several areas makes you more adaptable and gives you an advantage if you want to stay in this field for the long haul.”

“It’s tough to be a small business in today’s fast-paced world. Small businesses not only have to know their core industry inside out, but now they have the additional burden of being proficient in online marketing.”

“Most people will tell you to be a specialist, but the advice I would give to my own daughter if she were going into this field is to learn many skills so you make yourself indispensable. If you’re a one-trick pony and that trick stops working, you’re out of luck.”

“People love to grab headlines by proclaiming SEO is dead but done right, SEO is timeless. SEO is about communicating to the user and search engine what your site is about and doing things right so the site becomes an authority in its niche.”

“Using the phrases that people are searching for helps readers make a mental connection and reaffirms your page is answering their questions. “

“Improving long click behaviour is a signal to the search engine that your site answers the user’s query.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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