7 Figure SEO

Dawn Anderson (SEO And Digital Marketing Consultant)


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Dawn Anderson is the founder of international SEO consultancy and digital marketing agency, Bertey Ltd. Dawn is also a lecturer on digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and marketing analytics at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

“The key is to try to make great sites and to develop your technical skills as much as you possibly can.”

“Voice Search will massively affect SEO. Maybe not today but in the next couple of years, we’re going to see that.”

“No one person in this industry has all the answers. Be critical, read widely, test widely; make sure to try learning all the time.”

“Crawl budget on massive sites can impact rankings.”

“Make sure you have some small test sites of your own even if you’re brand new in the industry.”

“Gone are the days when the test card came on and the final white pixel dot disappeared into the darkness at midnight.”

“SEO is different. SEO requires an explanation. SEO takes time. In contrast to other channels, whose performance can often be measured immediately, search engine optimization success is a gradual process.”

“The question isn’t whether you should start with SEO but rather, when and how?”

“The real trick is to avoid over-optimizing because that can quickly start to become very unnatural and people will see through that right away.”

“Small sites should focus on a clear, relatively simple structure, and then open up the floodgates of user-generated content to allow for that organic natural growth and patterning of comments.”

“It’s all about engaging users and adding value for them. When you try to over-manipulate or game the system, you will inevitably fail. Just keep it natural and full of added value!”

7 Figure SEO

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