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Craig Campbell (SEO Trainer And Consultant)


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Craig Campbell has over 18 years of experience as a Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant. Craig is well known for delivering training courses and his YouTube channel which contains a wealth of information. He also speaks at a number of events throughout the year, in a variety of locations.

“Getting good rankings yourself is one way to get clients.”

“There are two main factors in web design that make it almost impossible to price. Clients’ expectation, and finding a suitable reliable web designer, clients will always want value for money, demand loads of changes and want several meetings about their website.”

“If you are good at SEO, stick to SEO, don’t try and be skilled and sell other people’s services.”

“you are best getting rid of clients who have unrealistic expectations.”

“Rank well yourself and have clients coming to you, it’s less desperate and having clients come to you is also a much easier sell.”

“You can repurpose with new content, but you would need to scrape and fix all the old URLS to ensure that any old backlinks on other websites then started to point to your website again, thus giving it the power to make this process worthwhile. The content isn’t the most important thing, the old URL structure is.”

“Checking how many pages are indexed is always a good tip, if Google doesn’t like you it won’t index your content, then from there, you can figure out the content, links and tech side.”

“Always test, never just believe what people say, network and talk to others as you can learn a lot, take action, don’t be a talker, and do something, don’t be scared to fail, don’t think you can’t dominate a niche.”

“Internal and external linking is not going to drive traffic. Internal linking does help you rank better which in turn leads to more traffic. You’ve to have good content.”

“Reach out to bloggers and the guys in the industry and exchange content. You can do outreach, you can do broken link building. Take advantage of any opportunities out there.”

7 Figure SEO

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