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Cyrus Shepard (Founder Of Zyppy)


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Cyrus is an SEO and online marketer who specializes in understanding Google’s ranking algorithms. He is currently the founder of Zyppy, a software company that has been optimizing websites since 2009, working to bring higher visibility through SEO to anyone with an online business. Previously, Cyrus worked with Moz helping businesses increase their visibility in search. He is a frequent conference speaker and blogs about his findings on the Moz blog.

“Successful SEO starts with keyword research.”

“The beauty of SEO is that, instead of pushing a marketing message onto folks who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can reverse-engineer the process to discover exactly what people are looking for, create the right content for it, and appear before them at exactly the moment they are looking for it. It’s pull vs. push.”

“Drive relevant traffic to your site through all channels, and this can have a positive–albeit nuanced–effect on your organic search traffic. Typically, there’s no need to go crazy on social media investment. Be smart.”

“Focus on providing better answers for your audience. Know that Google wants to have answers for its audience, not just a lot of information.”

“A good, well-optimized title tag can be good for your rankings on search engines; a compelling title tag can also greatly influence the number of people that may click your result (click-through rate, or CTR). Crafting a well-composed title may mean more people compelled to click.”

“When delivering SEO reports, it’s best to focus on 2-3 top priority items at a time and give very clear instructions on how to address each issue. Any more than this and the client/boss is forced to pick and choose and may do so without first understanding how each priority fits into the larger picture.”

“Google does great PR, they do great education, but I have to question sometimes their motives, their motives are not to necessarily see every website succeed. Their motive is to see Google succeed in great search results.”

“I think the SEO community has to do a better job of looking out for itself and sometimes questioning where information comes from with a critical mind and not blindly accepting everything that’s fed to us.”

“Blogs can be a big waste of time if they feel perfunctory or simply exist as a goal on the junior marketer’s annual review. The truth for 90% of small businesses is that nobody wants to read your blog, and nobody certainly wants to link to it.”

“if you create something truly great to share, you should do so. E-commerce sites need to realize that the content they create has to compete with the top content out there for attention.”

“Site speed is always in the top 3 things of everything you should work on, no matter what. E-commerce sites can get particularly bogged down with poor shopping cart software, plugins, tracking code and the like.”

“Make friends with your Web designer” is smart advice for an SEO practitioner.”

“Just having an SEO blog sets you a cut above the rest and that’s your calling card to any industry. When you walk in the door to any company, if you have that website and you’re tweeting and posting articles and sharing people, you can get hired anywhere.”

“One thing I highly encourage people to do is simply to experiment because so many people don’t and it’s hard when you’re an agency and you have clients that you’re working with because you don’t wanna try things that are risky, but sometimes you find those clients who are willing to try things.”

“Twitter is our biggest gift in SEO, that you can talk to literally anyone, get in contact with literally anyone, and if you have good content, people will share it.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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