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Dan Shure (Founder Of Evolving SEO)


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Piano teacher turned SEO expert Dan Shure is an SEO consultant with more than 12 years of in-depth experience. Dan has previously worked with clients like GBH (Boston’s NPR), Harvard Business Review, NYTimes R&D, Gartner, Drift, Ring Doorbell and a lot more. He also runs a popular SEO podcast, Experts On The Wire, and how it has grown over the years. 

“SEO is often presented as a huge checklist of things that need to be done before you can even consider hitting publish. Miss a step and your content will be dead on arrival.”

“People will visit a page because there is some sort of benefit to them. Useful content, entertainment, or even content that will make them look good if they share it. “

“Don’t waste time on perfect if imperfect will do”

“Your title should be clear enough that people know what they’re going to get when they click, but also leave an element of curiosity – so you almost can’t help but to click. “

“It can be difficult for small business to compete at Google against large corporations who have bottomless pockets and huge marketing teams. However, there are gaps—keyword gaps—that you can take advantage of to get found by your ideal customers when they search.”

“There’s 3 basic ranking factors when I’m teaching people this stuff – and there’s of course a lot more to this – but on a very basic level you have; Authority, which can be measured in domain authority, which is Moz’s metric, Quality of content, and Relevance. “

“If you’re a branded website and you only have a domain authority of 10, well you need to find some search results where the domain’s ranking are not all 80, 90, and 100. There’s no way you’ll rank for that.”

“If Google is ranking images, or videos, or maps, or answer boxes, those are all clues to tell you that if Google is showing images mixed in, then you should include images in your piece of content, because that’s what the user wants.”

“Google has confirmed on a few occasions comments are indeed a ranking factor. They are a sign of community and engagement, which Google values in their algorithms.”

“Ensure your site design is user-focused so you’re not penalized by Google.”

“If your webpage was a store on the side of a busy highway, the title’s job would be to capture attention and get people in the door. As many of the right people as possible. “

“Don’t advertise “the best burger in town” and then have it be a veggie burger. It could be the best veggie burger that ever existed, but you set the wrong expectation. This is where you need to have some serious alignment and harmony between what you promise in the title and deliver with the content.”

“Look at the keywords you want to rank for and study what the user intent was behind the terms by looking at the top rankings.”

“Centralize your processes, keep your backlog of ideas, prioritize your tests, hold growth meetings, build stakeholder reports, retain and share learnings from each experiment in one place.”

“Go beyond productivity and work smarter with Experiments!”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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