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Danny Goodwin (Former Executive Editor Of Search Engine Journal)


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Danny Goodwin is Managing Editor of Search Engine Land & SMX. In addition to writing daily about SEO, PPC, and more for Search Engine Land, Goodwin also manages Search Engine Land’s roster of subject-matter experts. Prior to joining Search Engine Land, Goodwin was Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal, where he led editorial initiatives for the brand.

“If you see a bunch of people waiting outside a restaurant to get in, you presume it’s good. The online equivalent of this is social engagement.”

“Google’s goal is to please users, so they have leaned heavily into things like user experience and rewarding truly expert, accurate, trustworthy content.”

“More content no longer means more success in SEO. It just means too much content.”

“Don’t be too commercial or create content that is totally unrelated to your business. Find balance.”

“The best sites are those that are resourceful, helpful and interesting. People link to and share this type of content. You also want to be viewed as forward-thinking.”

“Think of gatekeepers as if they’re Google. Google’s algorithm determines a website’s ranking based on more than 200 ranking factors and signals.”

“Trust matters. Whether you’re creating content for a standalone brand publication or a company blog, you want people and search engines to trust the information on your website is accurate and current.”

“People have zero tolerance for content that wastes their time. Losing the trust of your audience will ultimately damage your brand and cause serious harm to your SEO efforts.”

“In an era where fake news, alternative facts, gossip, and anonymous claims are reported as fact, your brand must hold itself to the highest standard. “Publish first and apologize later” is a losing model in the long-term.”

“Google RankBrain is important and it does impact search results. While you waste time trying to optimize for it, you’re better off understanding the customer journey and optimizing for searcher intent.”

“You have to think about everybody as an individual, but they have shared interests. And it’s just a case of pointing them to that interest so that they buy from you or get the information from you and look to you next time they need a thing on something else. “

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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