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Darren Shaw (Founder Of Whitespark)


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Darren founded Whitespark in 2005 as a web design and development company, however, his passion and curiosity for all things local search led to a shift in focus in 2010, and ultimately to what the company is today. These days, Whitespark specializes in local search software and services and is one of the most respected and cited in the industry.

“The top three conversion factors are review-related. “

“Reviews will absolutely skew you towards picking up the phone or not, depending on what those reviews look like. “

“Your ranking is based on the proximity around your actual physical address. Whether that is shown or hidden, it has no impact.”

“If you have a complete Google listing getting to 100%, that doesn’t actually have a direct correlation with ranking. Having a 100% listing or not having a 100% listing isn’t usually the thing that has much of an impact on whether you rank, but it is important for conversions. “

“Take your whole set of images, drop them into the Google Vision AI, anyone can just use the Try it thing that’s on the Google Vision AI website, and Google will tell you what’s in the images.”

“Google’s not really using the content to the post for rankings, although they do benefit with justification. “

“Google has become an answer engine and no longer a search engine”

“By ensuring that your listing stands out, you increase your chances of landing in the Local Pack”

“Google wants to rank well-rated, active, relevant, and influential businesses.”

“Links to your site from a partner site will boost your local visibility.”

“Google offers the results that are geographically closest to the Internet user performing the search, regardless of the device used (mobile phone or desktop computer).”

“Reviews are interesting because they indicate both relevance and influence of the company. The more reviews you receive, the more your influence grows.”

“A user will always be more attracted to a company that has 100 reviews rather than one with 5 reviews.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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