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David Harry is the lead SEO at Verve Developments and specializes in SEO audits and forensic analysis. He’s been in the SEO game since 1998 and is also the head geek over at the SEO Training Dojo, a community for SEOs since 2010.

“Always remember, the best tool for SEO is your BRAIN. It’s about your methodology, your ability to make the data usable.”

“If you’re a website owner, SEO enthusiast or hard-core optimizing guru. Never become myopic on how Google really works. See the forest, see the trees and even the leaves.”

“Not all strategies work for all sites and traditional approaches can be limiting. You gotta bring all your tools to the job site. And above all always try to be ‘future-proofing.”

“Google (and most search engines) often look at things on a page by page level, not site-wide. This is an important distinction that often SEO types seem to forget.”

“Being a specialist over a generalist will help not only your own activities but finding potential clients that best suit your particular talent set.”

“One of the first things we need to understand is there are indeed elements that differ between a page and the entire domain.”

“From authority and topicality to demographics and categorizations, it does come into play as far as how Google perceives you as an entity/set of entities.”

“While understanding ranking factors is a great idea, it is also good to know things that might get one dampened as well.”

“We’re all now fairly familiar with Panda (type) and Penguin devaluations as well as manual actions such as the Unnatural Links messages. But one should also be cognizant of the myriad of other ways Google might be looking at your site, in terms of how spammy it is.”

“If there was an underrated tool out there that a lot of SEO folks don’t seem to fully utilize, it’s Google Webmaster Tools. “

“If you’re working at an agency, boutique or even freelance, which clients you take on can make a huge difference to not only the bottom line, the success of the contract but your sanity as well.”

“Traditional keyword research (and associated tools) really just don’t help give you what you might need, content-wise, to satisfy a given query. Sure, it’s a good starting point for potential volume, but that’s about it”

“Google’s query classification and query re-writing approaches can mean that what the user types in and what’s returned, can be drastically different things at times.”

“Forget the old “SEO is Dead” mantra, SEO is more complicated than ever. Your strategy is more important than ever.”

“Copy and Paste HTML and extract links with Anchor text into a CSV file. This one can also be handy in a few different situations.”

“If there’s one thing that can drive veteran SEO nuts, it’s the myths and misconceptions.”

“As an SEO professional, you should always be keeping up with the ongoing changes at Google. Don’t just perk your ears up each time Google says a core update is coming or ongoing. Because that alone, won’t really tell you much.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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