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Duane Forrester (Vice President Of Industry Insights For Yext)


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Duane Forrester is the Vice President of Industry Insights for Yext, leading industry outreach, evangelism, and authorship for the company. Between Microsoft and Yext, he was the VP, of Operations with Bruce Clay, Inc, where he lead the operations for organic and paid search, social, content, and design.

“The importance of content is right at the top of the pile and should remain there indefinitely. Right next to usability.”

“If people find your page, click on the result, then leave from that same page, for many websites that’s a fail – no conversion, no ongoing engagement, just a flash of bandwidth drowned by the deafening sound of the exit click.”

“Build a plan: think it through, then execute. Chasing after new ideas every week or month is a recipe for a bunch of unfinished projects.”

“Predicting the future is an inexact art at best, but trend-watching and crossing that with an understanding of your consumer’s behavior can lead to some pretty interesting insights.”

“Businesses need to ask themselves not just, “How does my site look on X device?” but also, “How does my content look in the site on X device?””

“The only dumb question/noob question/etc  is the one left unasked.”

“To be successful in the world of intelligent services, you need to have a clear focus on your website design, set up, architecture, and technical structure. “

“Google looks at everything online through the lens of mobile as the first point of interaction. If your website performs well in a mobile environment, you’re on the right track. If it’s slow to load—obviously not mobile-friendly—Google will likely choose other websites to show searchers.”

“The path ahead is exciting and new. Consumers are driving change, companies are feeding that change with new ways to access information, and you should formulate a clear plan to succeed in the intelligent future.”

“Choosing to ignore advancements in machine learning won’t change the fact that it’s powering AI in new ways—and those new ways are bringing change to both you and your business.”

“Learn, embrace, and grow fast with new technologies and opportunities — or risk seeing your market share dwindle as competitors adapt faster than you.”

“If you’re still trying to move forward with yesterday’s single-focus tactics, you’re about to witness your world change. In fact, it’s already changed. Now we need to try to keep up.”

7 Figure SEO

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