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Elizabeth Marsten (Senior Director Of Strategic Marketplaces Services At Tinuiti)


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Elizabeth is a Seattle native working as the Senior Director of Strategic Marketplace Services for Tinuiti in Seattle, WA. Elizabeth is formerly the Senior Director of eCommerce Growth Services at CommerceHub and Vice-President of Search at Portent, Inc., overseeing the PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Analytics departments.

“To claim your market share, you need to show up in the searches people are performing.”

“You need to include the right words and phrases on your product page to ensure you’re showing up in relevant searches.

“Develop a working understanding of Hidden Keywords and how to add them on the backend to generate more traffic to your product pages.”

“Keep testing and identifying which keywords are working and which ones aren’t.”

“Be competitive and not smash a bunch of kinda/sorta-related products or keywords into a single ad group.”

“Keywords will use the ad group bid unless an override bid is applied: either higher or lower, so save yourself management time and use that override on keywords that are of more importance for tracking.”

“When you create a campaign, you select not only keywords but what products those keywords apply to at the campaign level.”

“keep an eye on impression share more than anything else.”

“Client results, client feedback, employee happiness, then growth, and then reinvest it back in technology.”

“Having duplicate words also makes it hard for a search engine to decide which page should be ranked.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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