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Eric Enge (General Manager of Perficient Digital)

Perficient Digital

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Eric Enge is General Manager of Perficient Digital, a full-service, award-winning digital agency. Eric was the founder and CEO of Stone Temple, also an award-winning digital marketing agency, which was acquired by Perficient in July 2018. He is the lead co-author of The Art of SEO, a 900+ page book that is known in the industry as the bible of SEO. In 2016, Enge was awarded the Search Engine Landy Award for Search Marketer of the Year, and US Search Awards for Search Personality of the Year. He is a prolific writer, researcher, teacher and a sought-after keynote speaker and panellist at major industry conferences.

“Good marketers are empathetic.”

“on average, about 7,500 searches are performed every single second of every day.”

“users have grown to expect that the responses to their search queries will be returned in less than one second.”

“Having a business’s website content appear prominently in the search engines when people are looking for the service, product, or resource that business provides is critical to its survival.”

“Research from Pennsylvania State University and the Queensland University of Technology shows that more than 80% of searches are informational in nature, and only about 10% of searches are navigational or transactional.”

“A user can also depersonalize search results by performing her search query, and then appending &pws=0 to the end of the search page URL and reloading the page. Note, this works only if she has turned off Google Instant (Google’s feature of showing results instantly as the user types).”

“The moment you think you know everything about SEO, this book will put you back in your place. Zac Johnson, Super affiliate and Blogger at ZacJohnson.com”

“In March 2015, eMarketer published a study showing that mobile advertising spending continues to increase at the expense of desktop advertising, and projects that by 2019, mobile ad spending will rise to $65.87 billion, or 72.2% of total U.S. digital advertising spend.”

“SEO is about obtaining traffic from search engines – that’s the old-fashioned definition – but the key understanding is that the search engines don’t naturally return the best content.”

“Site architecture is a big deal. There are ways to construct your website which are very difficult for Google to understand, so the interlinking of the website has to be done properly and the hierarchy has to be done well.”

“The first thing you do with a small business is separate “what your budget is” and “what value SEO could have.” 

“Small and large businesses will both have to decide how to prioritize SEO among other things they’re doing and what the potential ROI may be.”

“If you’ve been fighting for something for a while and you have failed to get your pitch across, you get to a point where you’re stuck. That’s where it’s a good time to bring in an agency for a fresh perspective and some external credibility.”

“Guest blogging is still a very useful way to build your reputation and visibility online.”

“If you submitted content, and it gets rejected, then you need to step back and figure out why, one of the first things you should do is make sure that the content you created is truly educational and useful to the audience on the site you submitted it to.”

“SEO projects are about making money, so if you start getting relatively quick movement on rankings and traffic for one of the projects, you simply celebrate.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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