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Eric Siu (Chairman Of Digital Marketing Agency Single Grain)


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Eric Siu is an investor, founder and advisor to companies. He is the Chairman of the digital marketing agency Single Grain, which has worked with companies such as Amazon, Uber, and Salesforce. He also hosts two podcasts: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Leveling Up, an entrepreneurial podcast where he dissects growth levers that help businesses scale.

“Rather than writing something entirely from scratch, find a post already performing well, refresh it with updated information, add visuals, and rely on existing signals to make it rank for terms.”

“Improve engagement to improve rankings. Take your existing content and make it more readable — break up any big blocks of text, dividing content up with headers, bullet points.”

‘Focus on topics instead of keywords – Google algorithm updates now enable the search engine to determine intent rather than rely solely on the actual keywords. “

“Build backlinks – Earned backlinks —through high-quality content, outreach and influencer marketing— are still extremely effective. And look for guest posting opportunities on reputable sites.”

“The numbers don’t lie so measure what’s working and what’s not and always continue to iterate.”

“The path to a million is finding the one thing that works, and just repeating it. So, I think it’s focus.”

“The most important tasks are the ones that will determine the future of your company. And it always comes down to two things: people and vision.”

“The first step to hiring is to know what kind of person you need for the role. Marketing needs a wholly different set of skills than say, programming or operations.”

“If you actually do good work, you’ll get referrals and begin to develop a name for yourself.”

“If you wanna compete, you wanna be the best.”

“Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms to ensure that the highest-quality content is surfaced in response to user queries. And as far as they’re concerned, receiving a high volume of quality links from external websites suggests that your content falls closer to trustworthy than spammy on this spectrum. Failing to invest in content puts you at risk of being left behind.”

“You’ve probably noticed that a lot of link-building and SEO guides focus on creating high-quality content. There’s a good reason for that: it’s far easier to build links to top-quality content because that’s what gets shared.”

“A lot of the stuff is just business, as usual, and it’s just kind of sticking around for longer, and that’s how you reach a lot of listeners or visitors to your site.”

“You probably don’t know the real ‘why’ behind your actions. Most people stop at their first answer. But you have to ask why to that answer. Ask it again to your second answer. Understand the five whys process to understand yourself.”

“The most important tasks are the ones that will determine the future of your company. And it always comes down to two things: people and vision.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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