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Fili Wiese (Renowned SEO Expert And Ex-Google Engineer)


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A former Google senior support engineer and Google Search Quality analyst, Fili Wiese is a renowned SEO expert for the successful recovery of penalized websites, technical and international SEO consulting, in-depth backlink analysis and empowering clients with SEO workshops. As part of SearchBrothers.com Fili is on the DeepCrawl Advisory Board, acts as an official brand ambassador for Majestic and frequently speaks at online marketing events such as SEOktoberfest, BrightonSEO, SMX, Pubcon, London Affiliate Conference and Performance Marketing Insights.

“The first question which needs to be answered when developing an SEO strategy is “what’s the unique selling proposition of the website”? In other words, why should users and search engines bother to care about a website? A comprehensive answer to that question is key.”

“Search engines work with algorithms and algorithms work with trends. And this all depends on what you put into those trends. Your website, your content you’re responsible for – that’s what Google wants to rank, what Bing wants to rank.”

“Audit your website and check all the technical signals to understand how search engine algorithms are handling your content.”

“Google factors in hundred of signals when calculating a website’s ranking for queries in Google Search. These include everything from site speed to inbound links to page content. Above all, however, Google seems to favor sites that are popular with users. Google Search loves websites that users love.”

“Optimizing your content where relevant to take advantage of rich results (formerly known as rich snippets) is a tried, tested and recommended method of claiming visible SERP real estate, demonstrating excellence and reinforcing the unique selling proposition in the process.”

“No amount of search engine optimization and eye-catching snippets can compensate for a missing unique selling proposition across all landing pages. Having a clear-cut USP trumps SEO altogether.”

“Best results are achieved when a great online service has a clearly stated unique selling proposition combined with data-driven SEO. That is how lasting Google Search visibility is achieved and brand building is greatly accelerated.”

“Evidence that a site or page works well for users querying a certain topic is a very strong SEO signal. That is why superb, lean website architecture, extremely fast load times and, most importantly, a clearly outlined unique selling proposition on every single landing page is what future-oriented SEO is all about.”

“Focus on the user and conversion!”

“There are a lot of ways to stay on top of the game and constantly improve including following the right sources and people in the know.”

“Black hat techniques applied such as link building with PageRank as a primary motive are indeed a thing of the past. They are the equivalent of an ancient spear in a modern 21st-century SEO competition.”

“Badly combining canonicals with no index is a very common mistake, with potentially grave consequences for a site’s search visibility.”

“Google Analytics can be a great source for insights but it is not critical. What is way more important are server logs and their analysis.”

“SEO is all about evolution, not revolution. In the years to come technical and user signals will remain important. As will links, for detection and crawling purposes.”

“Read as much as you can, don’t believe everything you read and don’t be afraid to learn from your own mistakes.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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