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Glenn Gabe (SEO Consultant At G-Squared Interactive)


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Glenn Gabe is an SEO consultant at G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) and has over 24 years of experience in digital marketing. Glenn currently helps clients with algorithm update recovery, technical SEO audits, SEO for website redesigns and migrations, and SEO training.

“When users can’t access your site, you can’t convert them.”

“Regularly checking the indexing status of important URLs can help nip SEO problems in the bud.”

“With good data filtering, you can often surface page types, sections or subdomains that might be causing serious problems.”

“Content quality issues can be extremely problematic on several levels, and you definitely want to make sure those problems are not present on indexable pages.”

“It is extremely important to track down the core security problems and rectify those problems as quickly as possible.”

“Don’t get blindsided with malware on a rogue subdomain that nobody in the organization knows about. Know your site and all of the subdomains that are active.”

“If you get hit by malware, move quickly to rectify the problem. Have your IT team and SEO team work together on tracking down malware and problematic URLs. And have your paid search team contact AdWords directly. The faster you resolve the problem, the more quickly your AdWords account can be reinstated.”

“Verify all subdomains and variations of your site in Google Search Console (GSC). After doing so, you can receive a boatload of information directly from Google. And that includes security warnings, messages, and more.”

“There are many problems you can uncover with a strong crawl of staging. And that means you can nip serious SEO problems in the bud.”

“Identifying the root cause of the drop in traffic is critically important.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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