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Guy Sheetrit (Founder And CEO Of Over The Top SEO)


TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

Guy Sheetrit is the Founder and CEO of Over The Top SEO. He holds broad expertise in SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, B2B, B2C Brand Development and online lead generation. Guy Sheetrit is also an accomplished Senior Executive with 14 years of success across the technology, marketing, and software development industries.

“SEO is all about conversions. Traffic and time on page are vanity metrics that are literally of no use if they don’t lead to sales.”

“Strong brands have strong visual identities. That’s where the importance of implementing strong visual content policies becomes obvious.”

“There is no ubiquitous success model, apart from putting your audience first and letting market needs define your strategy.”

“Visual content is ruling the digital space, and that’s the way forward for brands in terms of future-ready digital marketing.”

“Imagine people looking at your brick and mortar store and Google lens providing information about it to persuade users to take action. This is what visual search and Google lens can do for you.”

“The better you optimize your business listing, the greater the chances of potential customers reaching you.”

“When it comes to gaining trust, nothing is better than earning lots of positive reviews for your business. Good reviews attract people to check your local business as people trust their peers and have faith in their choice.”

“Success in international SEO depends on how well you can appeal to the needs and demands of your audience in your target countries. Therefore, such expansion requires prior market research and a knowledge of how Google handles multilingual and multi-regional sites.”

“If you have been getting a lot of foreign traffic, you probably need to redirect your SEO towards the source of the attraction. The internet has decentralized visibility; you can maintain a strong web presence in countries where you have no physical offices.”

“To increase your brand awareness, you have to invest your resources in a multi-channel content marketing strategy.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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