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Heather Lloyd-Martin (Pioneer of SEO Copywriting)

The Pioneer Of SEO Copywriting

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Heather Lloyd-Martin has been described by Forbes as the “pioneer of SEO copywriting.” She’s worked with top companies all around the world — from search engines and television networks to Fortune 50 companies and major publishers. Over the years, she’s presented at hundreds of conferences, including SMX, PubCon, SearchFest, AWAI’s Web Writing Intensive, Search Engine Strategies, MarketingProfs and more.

“SEO is as simple as helping a website get found on Google through a search.”

“Don’t be afraid to “baby step” your SEO efforts. You may not have $5,000 (or more) to spend on your Web site right now – and that’s OK. Focus on what you can do and control.”

“SEO copywriting is truly a “get what you pay for” proposition. If you’re paying $50 a page, don’t expect good writing. Period. Chances are, you won’t like the final result and you’ll end up either (1) uploading copy that you hate, or (2) rewriting it yourself.”

“In SEO, there’s always a lot to learn, either in terms of what’s going on with the search-engine world or what you need to know to write well about different clients and their businesses.”

“There’s nothing more fun than trying something on your site or your client’s site, and then finding all of a sudden that your page has been positioned in the top 10 search results. It feels like magic. “

“SEO copywriting is an important skill. After all, if you are an online copywriter and you don’t understand how to write for the engines, you are doing your clients a disservice.”

“You can learn SEO through blog and message board posts. This is probably the lowest-cost alternative – but also the most “risky” way to gain new information.”

“The big thing is – always ask for a writing sample and references. If their best work doesn’t impress you, find someone else who does.”

“At one time, poorly written pages with lots of key phrase repetition would rank higher than well-written pages. But today, Google’s algorithms are more sophisticated and that doesn’t happen.”

“Good SEO writers help a company’s online presence by creating content that gets shared. This sharing leads to new links and more traffic.”

“You can be doing everything right—writing blog posts, authoring books, building your reputation in your industry—but if your site isn’t optimized, you won’t rank as high as you should. SEO writers can help with this.”

“While quality links are important, you should pay more attention to your content. You control your content, and when your content is good, people will link to your site. Great content naturally leads to off-page optimization.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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