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Helen Pollitt (Managing Director Of Arrows Up)


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Helen is the Managing Director of Arrows Up SEO consultancy and has over ten years of experience in digital marketing. She is highly skilled in the technical aspects of SEO as well as overarching SEO strategies and business plans.

“People management is critical to the success of your remote-first SEO team.”

“The most important consideration when building a fully remote SEO team is how each member is thriving within the team.”

“Getting communication right in a fully-remote SEO team is a particularly big priority.”

“Making sure your team can function as well as any in-office SEO team will be all down to how well they can collaborate remotely.”

“An SEO consultant is a specialist in search engine optimization who works outside of typical contracted employment.”

“Being an SEO consultant means being your own boss, owning your own business, and the excitement and freedom it brings.”

“If you are looking to become an SEO consultant, it can help to understand your local market, the needs of the businesses who may work with you, and what you can do to be most attractive to them.”

“Being able to expertly communicate your progress, results, and reasoning behind your SEO work is crucial to being successful in the industry.”

“If you truly want to advance your SEO skills, you might want to look further afield than Google.”

“HTML is a markup language that forms the basis of most webpages. It is arguably one of the most fundamental parts of technical SEO.”

7 Figure SEO

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