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James Agate (Founder Of Skyrocket SEO)

Founder Of Skyrocket SEO

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James Agate is the founder of Skyrocket SEO – a link-building and content marketing agency based in the UK. He guests blogs frequently on industry websites including SEOmoz, HubSpot, Search Engine Journal and others. He also tweets.

“Having a sense of humour is really important in SEO – there are definite points where if you don’t laugh it off you’d probably cry”

“If you are smart with your division of labour you can operate a team of virtual workers alongside your in-house team and achieve levels of scale that just aren’t otherwise achievable.”

“There seems to be a myth amongst ethical SEO agency owners that somehow promoting your SEO services is sleazy, of course, it isn’t. A business lives or dies based on its ability to get clients – if you’re proud of what you produce why not make sure as many people can get their hands on it as possible? But I digress.”

“Saying things like “if Google didn’t exist would you still do it” is all well and good until 4 months into an engagement your client isn’t ranking and their competitor is.”

“I hate to break this to you but sadly there isn’t a door marked private where, security usher, you through the velvet rope to guest blogging easy street. Blood, sweat, tears and elbow grease goes into each and every one of our campaigns.”

“SEO is subtle and doesn’t interrupt “

“Ranking #1 organically for an important term can be beneficial to your business beyond the traffic it provides.”

“Just as focusing on one tactic doesn’t automatically get you burned by Google, doing great marketing doesn’t automatically mean you rank well.”

“The great thing about guest blogging is that provided you do it intelligently then it helps to nurture a diverse and natural looking link profile anyway since there will be good diversity of website, a good diversity in the location of the link and so on.”

“You can quite easily get guest blogging wrong, just like any other link building or online marketing technique, it is all in the execution. “

“It is nice to get a juicy link but don’t go overboard with the anchor text.”

“If the website is your baby or bread and butter, then outsourcing something as important as link relationships is very risky. “

“The interesting thing is that SEO is full of challenges so as soon as one is overcome, the next appears.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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