7 Figure SEO

Jeff Bullas (Digital Entrepreneur)


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Jeff Bullas is a social media blogger, speaker, and strategist and works with companies and executives to optimize their global online personal and company presence and brand through social media marketing.

“More people on your client’s website usually translates to higher profits.”

“Make sure to report on keyword movements for existing keywords, especially the money keywords that bring in conversions.”

“When you want to report on backlinks, be sure to include both new and lost backlinks in your report, especially in correlation with new pages that are ranking.

“A bounce happens when a visitor lands on a page and leaves it without going any further or taking any action.” 

“A bounce rate is a good signal that you need to work on your content and provide a meaningful, engaging experience for your visitors.”

“Make sure the content is structured well, with plenty of internal links to help them move on to other pages on your website.”

“Your website page load speed is more of a technical website issue but it should be included in your monthly or weekly SEO report.”

“If a website takes too long to load, the visitor will bounce immediately after opening a link, resulting in high bounce rates and short session duration. The end result? Poor user experience and a drop in rankings.”

“Conversational search is a search method that allows people to ask questions in natural language. That’s why content writers need to know how to write for conversational search, as this kind of search is changing how people find information online.”

“Long-tail keywords are the bread and butter of conversational search. Use them throughout your content to ensure that you’re ranking for the right keywords.”

“Remove content that doesn’t rank in SERPs, doesn’t add any value and doesn’t provide any benefit to your website in the end.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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