7 Figure SEO

Jenn Mathews (GitHub’s SEO Manager)


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Jenn Mathews is the thought industry expert in Enterprise SEO. Also, known as the SEOGoddess since 2004, Jenn is currently GitHub’s SEO Manager; previously directing large teams across global organizations as Groupon’s Senior Manager, SEO, Nordstrom’s SEO Manager, and as an individual contributor in management and director level for ADP, Concur, and Classmates.com.

“The foundation for most SEO work begins with a keyword analysis.”

“A big factor in how your enterprise SEO agency will perform for you is having a clear understanding of what you will need them for once they are onboarded.”

“SEO is about telling search engines the story you want them to know about your site.”

“Having an eye for design, a feeling for usability, marketing toward a target audience, and understanding the technology that makes a site run will aid in the overall success of SEO.”

“Drafting up a business case with your agency and tools for SEO will help you get organized on your needs and what your plan is for your agency going forward.”

“Taking the time to understand what the user’s intent is and creating content that matches that user’s intent will ultimately help your SEO.”

“Enterprise SEO agencies need to be proactive since the SEO team at the company is more often distracted by all of the work that needs to get done.”

“The trick is getting 12 months of data for all keywords to get to that ROI for SEO.”

“Understand what users are searching for and match that up with the website’s content.”

“The idea that you should formulate how often you use synonyms with your focus keywords is an outdated SEO strategy.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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