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Jesse McDonald (Global SEO Strategist At IBM)

Global SEO Strategist : IBM

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Jesse McDonald is a Global SEO Strategist with IBM. Jesse has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as Pubcon (Las Vegas, Austin, and Florida), State of Search, and Rocks Digital. He has also served as a judge at the US Search Awards.

“It is even more important now to focus on creating a topic structure that meets the needs of a user’s various stages of the buyer’s journey instead of just what keywords are being used on a page.”

“The most important thing you can do for your site when either building it or rethinking its structure is to take a step back and strategize the topics you need to focus on.”

“Don’t be afraid to get out into the real world and ask people in your target demographics what they might search for or what related questions they might have.”

” It is important to understand the intent behind the queries you are creating content around to target.”

“It is important to organize your content in a way that makes sense to crawlers and shows that you are an authority in a given subject.”

“Don’t forget to take a look at your competitors that are performing well to see if there are any insights you can glean from their site structure. No need to reinvent the wheel and you might gain some more info on how to expand your coverage of a topic in the process.”

“Ensure that your content answers the promise made to the reader completely and with clarity. Avoid fluff, jargon, and wasted words. Remember, it’s all about quality over quantity!”

“One of the first things an SEO learns about when being introduced to the practice is on-page optimization which has a heavy reliance on-page organization through the use of heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.).”

“At the end of the day, keyword research is still a crucial element of content creation if you want a page to rank well. The biggest difference is in a mentality shift. Keywords aren’t just something you put on a page anymore and then rank for that specific query after building a few links.”

“The better a site can establish itself as an authority for a subject, the more chances it will have to rank for relevant queries within search engines.”

“One of the most crucial elements of building a logical site architecture is linking between pages.”

“Much like other tasks within SEO, your competition is a fantastic resource.”

7 Figure SEO

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