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Jessica Bowman (Founder And CEO Of SEOinhouse.com)

In House SEO Adviser for Search Engine Land

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Jessica is the founder and CEO of SEOinhouse.com, a company on a mission to make in-house SEO simpler. She is a leading advocate of in-house SEO and started in-house SEO programs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Business.com and Yahoo! Inc. Jessica is also the In House SEO Adviser for Search Engine Land and a member of the programming team for SMX events. 

“Every in-house SEO program follows a typical life cycle that has for main phases: Courtship, Honeymoon, Reality and Synergy. The duration of time it takes to get from Courtship to Synergy varies with each company, and it can also vary for each division within a company.”

“Whether you want to be proactive at protecting your brand, or have been tapped to make negative content go away, the first thing you need to do is assess the landscape so that you can determine what is ranking and the level of effort you must put forth to make your company shine in the SERPs.”

“When you outsource SEO, you don’t outsource responsibility and accountability for getting the job done and driving more traffic. Even though you may outsource SEO completely, you really should invest the time to understand SEO basics to best manage your SEO firm, and your strategy and provide greater value to your SEO program.”

“Relying entirely on an agency is not an adequate strategy”

“If you’re working with clients on reputation management issues, setting and managing expectations will be one key element to keeping a satisfied client.”

“What better way to kick off an in-house effort than to get a detailed report that outlines what needs to be changed, what is working well, and where your opportunities lie, along with a complete SEO strategy and clearly defined priorities?”

“If your non-SEO teams don’t have enough SEO knowledge (nor enough enthusiasm for SEO), the solution is effective SEO training and toolkits.”

“In-house SEO can be more cost efficient, but it can also be very costly because in-house SEO has many unique challenges. If you are planning to bring SEO in-house in the coming year, be smart. Most companies can’t actually be 100% in-house because there aren’t enough SEO Michael Jordans out there willing to go in-house.”

“The reality is that no one person is going to make SEO reach its maximum potential, it’s going to be the result of what everyone on the team is doing to implement SEO.”

“Most SEOs have SEO hard skills, but the soft skills are vital or there is absolutely no way you can get all of these different departments to rally around the same set of guidelines and standards.”

“Every company’s approach to SEO is going to be different, based on their industry, their technical limitations and the perspective of the in-house SEO team.”

“When you come to an enterprise-level organization, what you would do for a small business has to be adjusted to account for a very large website. You need to define standards, so everybody knows how to implement them at their company.”

“One of the best things you can do to ensure your in-house SEO program goes off without a hitch and goes further faster is to work with an agency to help you build an in-house SEO program. “

“You don’t need to spend months studying SEO; you just need a quick way to gain a very strong grasp of the basics.”

“The euphemistic phrase “reputation management issue” describes what happens when you have a problem arises in search engine result pages. Whether it’s the result of an algorithm change, bloggers, or social media sites jumping on negative news or other negative linking bandwagons, reputation management issues are a major pain for brands.”

Nothing happens overnight. When a company lets unfavourable content brew in the search results for a while, it gains search engine visibility and links. It didn’t happen overnight, and it won’t get fixed overnight. Expectation to set: It takes time. These sites didn’t rank instantly, and they aren’t likely to fall instantly either.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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