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John Doherty (Founder And CEO Of GetCredo.com)


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John Doherty is the founder & CEO of GetCredo.com, which connects businesses with great marketers and helps great marketers grow their businesses. John is also a veteran SEO consultant to enterprise brands.

“Content marketing without promotion is just content.”

“Tools are a dime a dozen and the right tool to use is the one that gets you the data you need to get the insights you need to do the work to get the results.”

“The hustle culture in the tech and marketing worlds is toxic, and you need to take care of your own mental health.”

“Successful and viral are two different things. To go viral the idea has to be simple, pull on some emotional triggers that make people have to share it, and be well executed. Successful content is different. Not all content is meant to or able to go viral, no matter how much effort you put into it. Viral is not the goal.”

“Content is successful when it drives traffic, builds an engaged audience, answers the user’s questions, and ultimately converts into business and revenue. Without all four of those, it’s not successful.”

“People are still holding to the simplistic notion that all you need to do for SEO is put some keywords and some meta tags on the page, and magically you rank. Startups are especially guilty of this.”

“Real growth comes from understanding who your audience is, what your product and business do for them, and the channels that can drive traffic and business to your website.”

“One mistake a lot of SEOs make is not being specific about the work they do and not talking about the work they do.”

“Too many SEOs believe that they can just move the traffic and revenue needle and be retained. The truth is, you do business with people you like. So, get to know your clients as a human and you’ll retain them longer!”

“Too many newbies try to start with advanced tactics without first getting a base in the best practices and learning the business reasons for doing SEO in the first place.”

“Any service company needs to understand who their ideal customer is. If you don’t, then you’ll be signing clients who churn out quickly either because you’re not getting them results or because they’re not able to pay what they need to pay to see results.”

“SEOs love to scream about BERT and EAT, but really these are just Google’s names for parts of the algorithm that reward readable and well-written content that is written by authoritative people and references other authoritative sites. “

“At the end of the day, your value is in figuring out how to you scale your SEO program and expedite your organic growth. “

“If you’re in-house, you need to identify the areas where you are the best and where your skills are best put to use. Then lean on other people to help you out with the other things.”

“If you can pin yourself as the expert and say, “this is what I’m worth,” and be willing to walk away, you’re going to have much better clients. You’re going to be much happier and you’re also going to make more money.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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