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Jono Alderson (Head Of SEO At Yoast)


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Jono Alderson is a globally recognized expert in digital strategy, SEO, analytics, WordPress, speed, martech, conversion rate optimization, growth, and more. He is currently the Special Ops at SEO firm, Yoast.com, and is also the Founder and CTO at DaysOfTheYear.com, expert curators of the world’s weird, funny and wonderful holidays.

“SEO is now an entirely strategic discipline.”

“There’s a huge shift in how the web works. People have much higher expectations. Things need to be faster and more like apps: more engaging, more interactive.”

“Any website, certainly e-commerce, any website that produces targeted tailored content should be using schema markup to help describe what a page is about in a way that Google can understand it and that gets you better search results, higher rankings, more click-through rate, stuff in the SERPs. It’s a no-brainer.”

“Only a broad, cohesive, and organisationally-connected SEO strategy can deliver significant, scalable growth and performance.”

“Google can’t just crawl the web and extract content. They have to understand entities and their relationships. And to do that, they need structured data on pages.”

“In a world of tactical SEO, agencies can frequently get stuck in and perpetuate trends, where it’s a race to stay ahead of the value curve. This is an oversimplification, but it demonstrates a deeper trend.”

“Getting caught in a trap of itemising monthly deliverables, reporting on links gained, and expecting to continue to generate value isn’t going to work for much longer – if it’s not already irreparably broken.”

“Websites, like the businesses that operate them, are often deceptively complicated machines.”

“Everything you say, and every word on every page, is the bare minimum effort that you can put into scaling the harrying of people into converting.”

“SEO is now both simultaneously easier and harder than it used to be. The concepts are ‘large’, but generally straightforward – and many of the problems are now often political, organisational and educational, rather than just technical, tactical and scalability challenges.”

“Through a forced evolution, we’ve become super-marketers who understand the whole ecosystem. We’re the TV marketers who also understand radio, print and event management. We’re the playwrights who also direct, compose, conduct and perform. And yet we still struggle. We’re not good enough. Brands don’t get it. Directors don’t invest enough. Organisations don’t change or improve. Shortcuts and quick-win tactics are still the norms. Our requirements are too radical, too complex, too challenging.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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