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Joost de Valk (Founder Of Yoast SEO)

Joost de Valk- 7figureseo

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Joost de Valk is a Dutch entrepreneur and application software developer best known for his work on Yoast SEO. De Valk began as a consultant and blogger in 2004 before creating Yoast, one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins.

“Easy Wins in SEO don’t usually last long”

“There are many roads that lead to Rome, you might as well pick the road that you actually enjoy.”

“Conversion Research starts with knowing what your customers want and are doing on your website.”

“What makes people succeed is a combination of intelligence, marketing ‘feel’ and the sheer luck of being in the right place at the right time”

“Google does not necessarily measure whether a text is legible. What Google measures is: do people find what they are looking for on this page? You search for something on Google and you land on a page. Do you then return to the search results and click on the following link? Then that indicates to Google that you have not found what you were looking for. That’s what Google measures.”

“If you want to start blogging, it is because you have something to say. You have to write it in the language of the people you want to reach. How difficult you can make your blog or site depends on your target audience. “

“You must make yourself known via Twitter, Facebook or other means. You must become your own market trader. Get involved in conversations about your topic and your articles. And then hope that those readers will read and share you.”

“SEO is just a lot of work. There is no such thing as overnight success in SEO. That does not exist. “

“What the SEMrush integration helps you do is find more related keywords around that so that you know like, okay, what are people searching for? It might sometimes even tell you, okay, I’m optimizing for slightly the wrong term.”

“For each post, you write, think about the keywords people would search for when searching for solutions around this topic”

“The funny thing is that the hardest thing in developing plugins, whichever one, is always developing the UI and not doing the stuff that people think is hard. The UI is the biggest challenge because doing a bad UI always results in shit-loads of questions.”

“Video SEO is mostly a technical thing, assuming you already have video content. It offers absolutely great opportunities because it allows you to appear in the search result pages with a video snippet, which includes an image and therefore attracts far more attention and clicks than a “normal” search result.”

“Sustainable SEO is one that doesn’t use lame tricks to rank high in the short term, but in fact, goes after the long-term goal of actually being the #1 website for your chosen keywords.”

“A good domain name needs to be like a good brand name: catchy and memorable.”

“Decide whether you want to be a developer or an entrepreneur. If you want to be a developer: go work for someone else. If you want to be an entrepreneur, become the best developer you can be, find a niche in which you can build a worthwhile product, build it, release it and keep working on it. Make it insanely good, and make sure you have an easy path for people to “enter”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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