7 Figure SEO

Julie Joyce (Owner AT Link Fish Media)


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Julie owns the link-building company Link Fish Media, writes a monthly column for the Search Engine Journal, and helped cofound the SEO Chicks. She also hosts a monthly link webinar series for SEMRush entitled “Show Me The Links.”

“The more you learn about your demographic, the better prepared you are to approach them and get links.”

“Failure is all about how you look at it. It can be negative, but it can be incredibly positive, too.”

“Almost anything can be improved in some way. So it’s important to be open to trying to see if one way of doing something works a bit better.”

“Not paying enough attention to what the site content is about and what the client offers is a big mistake.”

“We all make mistakes but it’s hard to get better if you don’t own up to them.”

“Not every keyword or topic needs a long-form article to be useful.”

“The beauty of SEO is that it’s never boring.”

“I know failure doesn’t give everyone motivation, and it certainly doesn’t in all situations, but when you fail you have one more thing to cross off the list.”

“Nothing great ever happens if everyone does the same thing constantly.”

“Think of your blog categories as resource libraries and structure them like that.”

“Talking about babies – a website that fosters useful engagement is the diapers brand Pampers.”

“Empathy isn’t always something that is emphasized in marketing, sadly, but it’s well-needed.”

“As an SEO, you need to keep yourself informed about what’s changing, what’s happening, what’s working, and what’s not working so well.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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