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Kaspar Szymanski (Well-Known Google Search Expert)


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Kaspar Szymanski is a founding member of Search Brothers. Szymanski was part of the Google Search Quality team, where he was a driving force behind global web spam tackling initiatives and among the select few ex-Googlers with extensive policy driving, webspam hunting, and webmaster outreach expertise. He is the author of the ultimate guide to Google penalties.

“The reason that content signals are relevant and important for SEO is owed to the fact that rankings are all about ratios.”

“For great rankings, signal consistency is the key.”

“Site performance optimization can be complex, yet the overarching objective is simple: faster is better.”

“As a general rule, cross-linking — even using highly commercial anchor texts and PageRank passing links — is sanctioned by leading search engines, as long as it remains obvious that there’s a legitimate connection between the sites.”

“Organic rankings in search are a consequence of signal input.”

“A brand is not a ranking factor for search engines, yet branding does impact CTR and therefore is critical towards successful SEO.”

“The more users return to search results looking for an alternative landing page to the one they just abandoned, the lower the rankings of that abandoned website.”

“Market expansion must be planned with consideration for specific market requirements and executed through localization, not mere content translation.”

“Search engines are first and foremost commercial enterprises. Their main goal is revenue creation. Towards that objective, the cost of operation must be kept low, while user happiness maintained at a constant high.”

“SEO industry workers and professional fitness trainers alike can relate to the awkward moment when a client asks for guaranteed results — only to find out that there are absolutely none. That’s disappointing, but unfortunately, it’s true.”

“Penalties must be seen for what they truly are: stopgap measures. They are occasional, almost exceptional in the scale of things. For search engines, they are a sore point rather than a hot-button issue. Something to deal with swiftly but most definitely not the main theatre of operation. “

“For a site’s health, visibility in search and ultimately commercial success, algorithms, and penalties are relevant factors to be managed.”

“Serious athletes and SEOs will agree: there are no short cuts that work over an extended period of time and that do not cause serious side effects. No “wonder pill” will turn a couch potato into an athlete, and no automated link-building program will make a poor website soar in organic search (or not for long). Results demand hard work.”

“A wise person once said that if you think search engine optimization (SEO) is expensive, you should see how expensive cheap SEO gets.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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