7 Figure SEO

Kristina Azarenko (Founder Of MarketingSyrup)


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Kristina Azarenko is a well-known name in the SEO community. She’s the founder of a successful Toronto-based SEO consultancy called MarketingSyrup, creator of The SEO Challenge Course, and author of an eCommerce SEO newsletter – SEO Shop Up.

“SEO is not only about recommendations – it’s about people, too.”

“When used properly, SEO user stories are a powerful tool that helps get more recommendations implemented by communicating with developers more efficiently.”

“You never want to rely on luck when it comes to SEO.”

“If you want Google to read and rank your content, you should make sure this content is available on the server, not just in a user’s browser.”

“SEO filters are a powerful SEO tactic and level up your technical SEO ability a lot.”

“A good SEO should have a context, a good SEO should understand when and why errors should be fixed and how much impact it will have on the overall SEO success. That’s what ethical SEO is.”

“Always make sure that the destination website is good enough before migrating to it.”

“The most harmful SEO myth is that only one part of SEO matters – content or technical SEO or link-building. In reality, all of these are cornerstones for a good SEO strategy.”

“Just find a way to learn all the time and learn lessons from what you do for your clients or your employer. And just don’t stop!”

“Concentrate on YOU and YOUR path to the SEO career you want without looking at other people’s opinions about your gender, skin color, background or anything else.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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