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Kristine Schachinger (CEO And Founder Of Sites Without Walls)


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Kristine is the CEO and Founder of Sites Without Walls, a full-service Concierge SEO Digital Marketing Consulting Agency. Kristine’s current SEO work includes, but is not limited to News Publishers, monthly SEO support, Site Health Audits, SEO Algorithm/Penalty Audits (and recovery plans), Online Reputation Management, Conversion Optimization, Site Usability (including testing), and Technical SEO.

“Learn all you can. Being a good SEO means being passionate about your knowledge. Your knowledge is your product. Learn what you don’t know and refresh regularly, what you do.”

“If you want to be found for a query, the title tag is still one of the best places to add it”

“If you keep the words under 60 characters with spaces you should fit the space allotted in the SERPs almost 100% of the time.”

“Make sure you actually mention the traffic-driving query term in the page.”

“Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by themselves won’t help with ranking, but they are required for certain page placements.”

“You can rank a site better for specific terms without links though if the site is in a moderately competitive to competitive niche it won’t stay there long without them.”

“You might weaken your site’s topical relevancy for a particular subject if every time you had new content you just replaced an existing page’s content.”

“When your content or site needs to be fresh, create new content. Don’t simply replace old pages with new text unless it is truly an update to that content.”

“You want to look at content query shifting because you’d be surprised how many cases where you can lose a lot of traffic just based on a few keywords.”

“If you take a hit from an algorithm update, you won’t experience recovery until the next update happens.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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