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Kristopher Jones (Author Of Search-Engine Optimization)


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Kris is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, best-selling author, accomplished public speaker and dedicated philanthropist. Kris first took the business world by storm in 1999 when he founded Pepperjam, a full-service internet marketing agency and affiliate network that was sold for millions to eBay Enterprise (NASDAQ-EBAY) ten years later. Kristopher is the author of the best-selling book: “Search-Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint to Effective Internet Marketing” which has sold over 100,000 copies.

“No matter how niche or mainstream your market is, great content remains a significant focus for SEO.”

“If you are or aspire to be an enterprise-level business owner, it’s important to present your business with enterprise-level professionalism, accessibility and optimization.”

“Product descriptions, like any other piece of content on your website, are subject to the whims of the almighty and ever-changing Google algorithm.”

“Key to writing good product descriptions is accentuating the strengths and deemphasizing the weaknesses. That doesn’t mean hiding them or lying to the customer, but it does mean shifting your focus to the positives. It also means making sure users know what those positives are.”

“The biggest obstacle in marketing isn’t getting the consumer through the front door; it’s getting them to like you. As a general rule, most people hate being marketed to.”

“Social media can significantly impact day-to-day operations, and it’s not going away anytime soon, so your best bet is to learn and understand it the same as your marketing team.”

“Think location-based advertising is only beneficial for small- to medium-sized businesses? Think again. Location targeting is actually one of the best ways for an enterprise-level business to scale its Facebook campaign and grow sales.”

“One common mistake that many businesses, both at the enterprise and small- to medium-sized business level, make is overestimating their clients’ brand loyalty.”

“Technical SEO is a primary Google ranking factor. Technical factors can hold your website back from achieving top ranking and typically represent the lowest hanging fruit when optimizing a website.”

“All of the changes Google has made over the last several years related to quality.”

“SEO is not about short cuts. It’s about setting your website up properly to rank and building excellent content and digital assets that people link to, engage with and share.”

“SEO requires long-term planning and execution yet too often SEOs implement strategies that work short term at the expense of long term success.”

“Understanding what Google chooses to present can help in assessing the types of searcher intent you can address with your content.”

“If there is anything to take from BERT, it is that, for how well Google understood query intent before, it now does it even better. So, the content Google sees as worthy of positions one and zero – as well as all the surrounding ancillary content on the page – is probably worth a closer look by SEOs who want to compete.”

“Think of the SERPs like treasure maps. They contain all the clues you need to find your buried treasure. Now you have to take the first step.”

7 Figure SEO

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