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Laura Lippay (SEO Lead At Comcast)

SEO Lead at Comcast

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Laura Lippay is the SEO Lead at Comcast. Additionally, Laura Lippay has had 8 past jobs including Organic Search & Technical Optimization Lead at Netflix.

“Unfortunately, I don’t get any secret sauce from the Yahoo Search people. I have to get them drunk and hope to get secrets out of them just like everyone else.”

“ Find success in SEO by thinking of it as “How can I help my client 1) attract their audiences and 2) reach their goals through the search channel?” “

“SEO strategy is product strategy”

“Usability comes before SEO – better yet, they should work hand in hand. But don’t compromise your user experience for SEO”

“You need to optimize for what makes you money”

“Consider searcher intent. Are you providing content and calls to action (above the fold) to satisfy the different types of intent that a searcher might have (to engage and convert them) or are you just writing content based around a keyword”

“Form your own opinions. Don’t just naively believe everything you read or hear about SEO unless it comes straight from the search engines or is proven beyond a doubt. Keep an open and objective mind”

“Usability comes before SEO – better yet, they should work hand in hand. But don’t compromise your user experience for SEO. Unless you’re spamming, of course.”

“ SEO isn’t just about H1 tags and title tags – more importantly, you need traffic. You need to be good enough, you need to be smart enough, and gosh darnit , people need to like you.”

“ You can listen to what everyone else preaches about what works for SEO or you can find out for yourself.”

“Where are the cold hard facts? They’re in your data, people! Set up a tight analytics structure and go in and do things to your site and test the results for yourself. You’ll be the smartest (and richest) SEO on the block.”

“ All those poor novice SEOs are going to believe crazy propaganda headlines because they don’t know any better. If you’re going to write questionable Star Magazine-type stories about SEO, be sure to have proof to back up whatever your end point is.”

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7 Figure SEO

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