7 Figure SEO

Liraz Rahmin Postan (Founder Of LP Marketing Services Inc)


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Liraz Postan, based in Israel, is a digital marketing expert and former SEO Director at Outbrain. She is a specialist in SEO and content strategy for both B2B and B2C and is regularly invited to speak at digital marketing conferences around the world. She is an author at major digital marketing sites such as SEMRush and MarketingProfs.

“SEO is there to enhance customer traffic and raise your reputation, giving you an advantage on the market.”

“Real content writers, people who know exactly what this type of writing demands – both content-wise and formally – need to keep their focus very sharp.”

“Your main role is to write different kinds of texts which will be useful to online readers.”

“Organizing and structuring your content serves the purpose of making it readable and accessible, but also useful.”

“The reason why you must outline and structure your content is it makes your content easy for your audience to digest.”

“The title is the first thing the audience will be exposed to – whether they’re scrolling through social media or browsing Google. You need to be sure that yours stands out.”

“In order to both catch and keep your reader’s attention, you also need a good and interesting introduction.”

“Title tags are crucial in terms of organic SEO and promoting your own website.”

“URLs help browsers and crawlers access and shine a light on your webpages, so their structure and the overall site architecture are vital for SEO.”

“Essentially, site maps enable search engines to properly index your web pages.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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