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Lisa Myers (CEO At Verve Search)


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Lisa Myers is the CEO and founder of award-winning international SEO and content marketing agency Verve Search, based in London. Lisa has been working in marketing since 2001, and in SEO since 2005. She is a regular speaker at digital marketing conferences worldwide, and contributes regularly to the digital marketing press, both on and offline. She is also the founder of Women in Search and co-founded StateofSearch.com (now known as State of Digital.)

“Search is no longer just about understanding the technical aspects of how to rank a website highly, it has become the knowledge of understanding the user and the paths they take – like online anthropology with a geeky twist”

“Search is about an interaction between a potential buyer and a search engine, the interaction starting as a result of a keyword or combination of keywords.”

“If you can imagine that the different Google TLD’s are people, you have Francois (Google.fr), Ingrid (Google.no), Helmut (Google.de) and so on. They all want to rank the most relevant websites highly in their relevant countries.”

“Search Engine marketing, whether SEO or Paid search should be about generating relevant traffic that converts into business! “

“The tendency to look at search purely from the perspective of  “what can we do to make sure that the search engines display us first” is a common mistake, we cannot rely on “pre-programmed” keywords and assume that for example, someone looking for new office furniture will type in “office furniture”, see your result, click on it and convert.” 

“Knowing your audience should be the very first port of call in any online pr and social media campaign, do thorough research.”

“All the digging, sphinning, buzz building, seeding and content distribution in the world won’t give you a successful campaign if the idea is rubbish. “

“When doing keyword research, ALWAYS make a note of any terms that trigger local and at least consider adjusting your strategy accordingly. “

“Using analytics is an Internet Marketer’s MI 6 – our intelligence service. Knowing which keyword converts is in essence our bread and butter when it comes to SEO.”

“Google really doesn’t care about us that much. Their a business, and they want to earn more money, “hurting” marketers won’t really make them more money.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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