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Matt Diggity (CEO And Founder Of Diggity Marketing)


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Matt Diggity is a search engine optimisation expert focused on affiliate marketing, client ranking, lead generation, and SEO services. He is the founder and CEO of Diggity Marketing, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, LeadSpring LLC, and host of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

“What I recommend is if you’re going to get into SEO, do it full-time, otherwise outsource it. It’s challenging enough. It’s complicated enough by itself.”

“The fact of the matter is that the entire internet pays for links in one way or another. It’s your job as an SEO to cover these tracks, whether you’re a “white hat” or not.”

“SEO is just content and backlinks. So, develop a content plan on how you’re going to grow your site and cover more keywords and making sure all your content is relevant to the existing state of the site, and then develop a backlink plan. So, how are we going to get backlinks? Are we going to outsource these or are we going to purchase them, how’s that going to be? And then over time it just grows.”

“What I would recommend doing is doing an audit of your own site or having an audit done for you and looking at what assets does the website already have? Like are there pages that just need some tweaking to get you from page two to page one? So, start with what you already have and then it’s about developing a plan.”

“Google’s algorithm always gets more challenging. So, you really have to stay up on the game and find out what they’re looking for all the time. But as a side benefit of that, because the algorithm gets more challenging, it actually weeds out the competition all the time. So, if you have that margin of knowledge, it actually gets easier.”

“You need to remember that the algorithm is getting tougher all the time. So it’s thinning out the herd quite often and causing people to quit. Those that stick around find that there’s less “real” competition than ever.”

“Go for those low-hanging fruit long-tail keywords at the beginning. If you’ve built a decent site and your onsite SEO is good, you should rank for some stuff right out the gate.”

“The hardest part of affiliate SEO is selecting niches”

“Regardless of your website’s size, the keys to a successful SEO campaign are (on-page), links (off-page), and technical factors.”

“Your content acts like the body of a race car, and it’s referring backlinks like race fuel. The technical factors act like the nuts and bolts allowing everything else to perform at its best.”

“If you’ve been developing blog posts and content on your site without a plan, you may be undermining your goals. You may have already lost months of potential growth, and set your website up to grow sluggishly while brand new competitors easily zip ahead of you.”

“There is a right way to structure your website to get attention from search engines like Google. One of those ways is by applying a silo structure. Different models of siloing can help you create an SEO-friendly site, and choosing the right one can unlock the potential for explosive growth.”

“If you want to know whether your website is in good SEO shape or not, you need to check your backlinks.”

“Backlink analysis is one of the most important steps in any SEO strategy. This is because search engines like Google use external links (i.e., backlinks) from other websites to determine whether a site ranks for a particular keyword or not.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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