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Micah Fisher-Kirshner (Director Of SEO And Content At Turn/River Capital)


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Micah is the Director of SEO & Content at Turn/River Capital for a set of portfolio companies. He’s been in the SEO field for 10 years having previously worked at Zendesk, Zazzle, and Become, as well as with smaller companies such as Balsam Brands and Red Bricks Media.

“Communication barriers is probably one of the larger issues oftentimes we SEOs can have in getting our projects and our points across.”

“Improve the marketing optimization side, or bargaining and sales optimization.”

“Now you can go more in-depth, and you can learn a lot more of social skills and how to handle things with SEO in-house.”

“You’re putting in more hours or you’re potentially at more risk to burn yourself out at an agency, but you learn a lot faster than you would at an in-house role.”

“So much of SEO relies upon the developer process, so understanding how it can affect your work is an important part of larger company SEO.”

“One thing I would add from my experience is that contrary to the default idea of an “AGILE” sprint process, it’s usually anything but agile for dealing with technical SEO issues, exacerbated the longer the sprints and by the bigger the website.”

“It is important to get your data connected down into the revenue side and to treat your SEO metrics more as leading indicators than as the end goal when reporting upwards.”

“Running SEO Tests are hard enough and those that involve other pages linking to another are another level.”

“Time and again if there isn’t a web analyst running the tool or a marketer with a passing interest in web analytics, it’s the SEO doing the work.”

“The SEO skills matrix chart is nicely organized to help you think through what marketing/SEO areas one still needs to improve.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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